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Authentica’s mission is to create a safe, nurturing, and empowering place where girls ages 8-14 can discover their true selves, express themselves genuinely, and experience a sense of acceptance and belonging in a non-judgmental environment among their peers. We’ve cultivated a space where everyone feels welcome and where authentic, lasting friendships are formed. At Authentica, we believe everyone is worthy of positive friendships, and the overwhelming benefits that affords our young kids. We educate girls in social and emotional intelligence and offer practical skills for navigating the challenges of adolescence.

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Initial Consult/Meeting

Authentica strives to tailor a treatment plan best for your child and family. Initial point of contact is generally with our Practice Coordinator, who is especially skilled in speaking with parents about their concerns and goals, while providing helpful information about our program. Our coordinator will then arrange for an in-office consultation with both the parents and child. This meeting is a casual opportunity to meet whereby no decisions are made. Families are then encouraged to discuss if Authentica feels like a good fit for the child and family. One of our clinicians is present in each meeting and will return to our weekly team meeting to discuss a best fit Authentica group, or provide referral to another organization if the fit is better.

Parent Coaching/Consultation and Assessment

Support for parents to formulate consistent schedules, motivate kids who have a difficult time with transitions, emotion regulation, zones of regulation strategies, understanding your child’s temperament and how to meet them where they are, rewards and consequences, positive discipline, managing explosive behavior, executive functioning struggles, divorce, trauma, and collaboration with school and other clinical providers.

Family Therapy

Support for your child and your family as a whole. We will carefully assess the needs of your child and your family and tailor a treatment plan to support the entire family system as a whole.

Dyad Therapy (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy)

For children who may not be ready to enter a full Authentica Group (ages 6-8), we offer small play groups of 2 children, carefully matched and coached by one of our clinicians. These dyad groups provide more personalized instruction in the give-and-take of friendship and help to prepare children for a smooth entry into our full groups. Dyad groups are offered during the summer and fall.


Authentica Identity Exploration Program

At Authentica Center, one of our core, defining principals is celebrating one’s true, authentic self. That notion of ’self’, however, isn’t always so clear cut, as some children struggle with, or experience stages of self discovery and exploration to better understand who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world.

This program highlights that principal of self-discovery (non-binary, gender identity, etc.) and we’re proud to offer such program geared to those children exploring their identities in a safe, supportive environment. The program includes parent and family support with peer-to-peer role-play activities to help bolster confidence, improve communication, and share with other like-minded children and families, offering connection and an authentic place of belonging. Groups will be designed based on age/grade, starting at 13 years-old (7th/8th graders).

Group Format

Children are placed in small groups based on age, ranging from ages 8 to 16. Groups meet after school for 75 minutes, one afternoon per week. Fall groups run September through January, while Spring groups are held from February through June. Summer groups may be available. Parent and/or school consultations are scheduled as needed.

What are the benefits of a group curriculum?

• Dealing with Frustration
• Cooperative Playing
• Managing Intense Emotions
• Friendly Conversations
• Accepting Feedback
• Overcoming Shyness
• Listening Skills
• Conflict Resolution
• Friendship Intelligence

Group Activities Include:
Games | Crafts & Art Projects | Music | Girl Talk & Group Sharing | Field Trips | Pizza Parties | Spa Day | Pajama Parties | Movies | Skits | Video Role-Plays | Friendship Magazine


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A place where empowering friendships are formed and confidence through social success is achieved.

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