Friendship Groups Where
Girls Can Be Themselves

Group Format Girls are placed in small groups by age, ranging from ages 8 to 16. Groups meet after school for 75 minutes, one afternoon per week. Fall groups run from September to January, while Spring groups are held from February to June. Summer groups may be available. Parent and/or school consultations are scheduled as needed.

Groups Assist Girls With: Dealing with Frustration • Cooperative Playing • Managing Intense Emotions
Friendly Conversations • Accepting Feedback • Overcoming Shyness
Listening Skills • Conflict Resolution • Friendship Intelligence

Group Activities Include:Games • Crafts & Art Projects • Music • Girl Talk & Group Sharing • Field Trips • Pizza Parties • Spa Day • Pajama Parties • Movies • Skits • Video Role-Plays • Friendship Magazine

FeesThe fee for each group session is $100. To ensure girls have the opportunity to develop and build social skills with other girls, a commitment to the entire 4-month session is required. Additionally, the spring group builds on the fall group, so participation in both groups is recommended, but not required. Fees include healthy snacks, all art materials and a parent handbook with skills curriculum.

For Girls

Be Creative: Have fun doing creative art projects including collages, clay sculptures, beading, candle making, greeting cards, and designing our very own friendship magazine!

Be Savvy: Learn how to make your best impression, connect with other kids, overcome your shyness, handle tricky friendship situations, and make your friendships closer and more fun.

Be Yourself: You will be accepted unconditionally, so feel free to be who you truly are – we celebrate what makes you unique and special.

For Parents & Professionals

Social/Emotional Intelligence: Our empirically based curriculum provides girls with the social-emotional skills to navigate the complex social worlds of their tween and teen years. Using activities such as role-playing, games, and art projects, girls will be taught how to recognize their feelings, manage strong emotions, and develop healthy coping strategies for handling stress. They will learn important social skills such as reading social cues, relaxed conversation, conflict resolution strategies, good sportsmanship, and how to deal with teasing, bullying and exclusion.

Positive Self-concept: Our nurturing approach to each girl focuses on celebrating her unique qualities while facilitating her growth. Through gentle exposure to new experiences in roles of leadership, personal sharing, assertiveness, and self-exploration, we help our girls thrive!

Collaboration with Parents: We also schedule regular meetings with you to provide feedback and ensure a consistent approach to your child's personal development and goals.

Collaboration with Professionals: Your child will benefit from our collaborative approach in which we work closely with the professionals in her life including teachers, school counselors, and therapists.