Articles by Emma Easterlin, B.A. (articles are not meant to be advice)


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Yay! Your parents are letting you have a sleepover with your friends! Here are some ideas and tips to make it one you guys never forget:

  • Make some cute invitations! This will get everyone excited 💌
  • Watch a movie! Some of the best sleepover movies: For preteens and young teens, consider: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Mamma Mia and High School Musical. For the 9-12 year old set, consider: The Princess Diaries, Aquamarine, Ella Enchanted, The Lizzie Maguire Movie, Freaky Friday, What a Girl Wants 📽
  • Bake cookies! Yummy, easy, and great homemade party favors 🍪
  • Build a fort and sleep in it! ⛺
  • Play a game! For example, Twister, Werewolf, or group card games 🎲
  • Karaoke! You don’t need a machine or TV for this, just look up karaoke versions of your favorite songs and grab a hairbrush to sing in to! 🎤
  • Paint each other’s nails! Set up a mini spa with all the colors you have 💅
  • Have fun! Take pics for the memories 👯


  • Smile 😊 Smiling makes you seem happier and more confident, which draws people to you.
  • Compliment the person 👍 This shows that you are kind and take the time to notice important things about other people that make them feel good. Even something as simple as "I like your shirt!" can go a long way.
  • Sit with them at lunch 🍕 Having lunch with someone provides a casual setting to start a longer conversation. First ask if you can sit with them, then you can ask what they're having for lunch, what their favorite food is, what teachers they like, etc!
  • Join a sport or club ⚽ One of the easiest ways to meet new people! Not only do you get to do something fun like playing soccer or making art, you get to meet people from other classes and schools.
  • Ask them what they're interested in 🏄 Everyone loves to talk about what they do and like, and this is a great way to find a common interest. Maybe you both love hiking and dogs!
  • Invite them to do something 👯 Hanging out outside of school or sports lets you get to know the person better. Pick a fun and memorable activity that you will both enjoy, like a nature hike or going to see the dogs at the animal shelter!
  • Keep in touch ☎ Following up after hanging out is necessary in continuing the friendship. Say hi and have a conversation with them at school, or shoot them a "Hey! What's up?" text once a day.
  • And remember - don't be afraid of rejection 🙅 If someone is continuously making excuses to not hang out or being outwardly unfriendly, don't take it personally. You don’t need to be friends with mean or rude people, and they are missing out on the chance to hang out with someone as awesome as you. There are many different kinds of people and you do not have to be friends with all of them. Focus your energy and attention on other potential friendships!


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Feel like your friend group is turning into a clique? Want to be included in one? Don’t. These are some reasons to avoid this social situation:

  • You’re cutting yourself off from other friends. The “exclusivity” of cliques requires excluding people and making them feel left out. Even if someone is an old friend or seems like they would make a great friend, if they’re not in your clique, they’re out.
  • Peer pressure. Membership in the group means you have to do everything the other people are doing. You shouldn’t be pressured into doing something you are uncomfortable with just because your friends are doing it.
  • They empower bullying. There is power in numbers, and cliques use this power to make fun of others who are different. This can come in many forms, like gossip, name-calling, and cyberbullying.
  • They keep you from being yourself. Cliques make people like and dislike the same things as each other. Love anime, but your group thinks it’s lame? You will have to give up that hobby, or do it in secret. Avoid cliques: do everything you want to do, be friends with whomever you want, and express yourself!